About Us

We are a group of North Dallas professionals dedicated to growing our businesses through helping others with THEIR businesses.

Rather than asking the “What can you do for us?” question found all too often in traditional networking groups, the North Dallas Netweavers focuses on asking, “What can we do for you?” By seeking ways to help one another, we not only create new and immediate business opportunities but also develop long standing relationships that grow as our businesses grow. It is through these relationships that true success emerges.

Just imagine for a moment what happens in a room of forty, fifty, sixty, or more people constantly finding ways to help one another with their business goals. Now imagine what happens when those same people meet every week. Now imagine that one of those people is you. How much more successful will you be? How much easier is it for you to succeed when you don’t have to work a room to GET contacts, but rather have a room working for you to GIVE you contacts?

In a nutshell, the North Dallas Netweavers is about creating connections for others. By creating connections for others, stronger connections of your own are developed in the process.

If you give to others without expectation, you often receive more in return than you would ever expect.